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The Entrepreneurial Journey

Why a Business Plan is important 

Are you considering an  entrepreneurial  journey?


Are you reshaping your entrepreneurial quest? 


You may consider one of these options:

-To find out a latent demand,an expressed need,so to create a satisfying proposal or solution to the market.

-To do an auto evaluation of your  talents,skills,experience,resources (financial and human) and in the process transform this evaluation into a value proposition to potential customers.

Regardless of which process  you initiated  to launch  your startup,having a Business Plan is a necessity.

Why is a Business Plan so important?

Let's switch for a moment the term Business Plan to Action Plan.If your organization was a movie or a play,then the Business Plan would be your script.A vivid and detail document of your idea,your dream and your strategy.It determines all the daily activities and  the game plan for the success of your organization.

Moreover an Action Plan is not a static document,which the entrepreneur neglects once the document is written.On the contrary the Business Plan is a dynamic blueprint of all the operations of the organization.

The Business Plan is a Plan of plans.It is made up of  many components like the Description of the Venture, a Production Plan, an Organizational Plan and a Marketing Plan.

Let's take for example the Marketing Plan,which is made up of  the Product Planning, Price Planning, Place Planning, Promotion Planning:

Product planning

Product planning has to do with quality,features,warranties,etc

Price planning

Price planning includes pricing objectives,estimation of the demand,estimation of costs,evaluation of pricing environment,pricing strategy and pricing tactics.

Place planning 

Place planning has to do with where the product will be available to the customers,by direct sales or reseller.Place planning at its core addresses the distribution of the product either through intensive distribution,selective distribution or exclusive distribution.


Promotion planning

Promotion planning has to do with advertising and getting the product available to all customers that may be interested in the use of the product.Some methods to promote a product:the radio,the television,print,electronic and word of mouth.

At LeadingNote,we focus on Organizational Behavior  and Innovation.We make it our goal to serve you,your team and your organization with excellence.We offer a variety of services on:


-Organizational's culture

-Future human resource needs


-Employee training

-Career development

-Managing change

-Work-group behavior

-Team leadership

-Financial analysis

-Customer satisfaction

-Feedforward/concurrent/Feedback controls

-Cross-culture challenge

-Transformational -Transnational leadership

-Charismatic-visionary leadership

-Quality initiatives

-And much more




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As an Entrepreneur you are an agent of change, a community builder


                                                              You are:

Artist-Art promoter -Athlete-Band manager- Calligrapher- Caterer- Cartoonist-


Comedy writer- Civic leader- First aid instructor- Home schooling consultant-


Hospitality specialist- Jewelry designer- Mortgage loan broker- Nutrition


consultant- Parapsychologist-Party planner- Professional organizer- Storyteller-


Wellness instructor-Accountant- Advertising & Sales agent- Astronaut-Bridal



consultant- Cooking instructor- Counselor/psychologist- Economic



development specialist- Environmental specialist- Factory locating consultant-

Farmer of  fruits & vegetables- Grant/Proposal writer- Interior designer-

Invention consultant- Massage therapist- Medical provider- Motivational


speaker-Musician- Parenting consultant- Political leader- Product developer-



Retirement planner- Speech writer-Truck driver- Venture capitalist-



Agricultural manager-Architect- Biologist- Construction consultant-Boat



operation instructor-Bus driver Financial planner- Fisherman- Insurance agent -



Lawyer-Pilot-Religious leader-Teacher-And much more                                  

Daily,each one of you is making a difference based on your skills and industrious  ability.Now to ensure a more prosperous future we call on your commitment to excellence and encourage you to build a long term plan that will propel your organization into creating a brighter future with more hope and opportunity .